I am a Multimedia Artist and Educator with 20 years of professional experience. My work spans out across various creative fields such as Electronic Music Production and Performance, Audio Engineering, Procedural and Interactive Audio, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Software Development, Post Production and Events Planning.

Audio Production

Below you can find a summary of my most recent work. Visit the Music Productions  and Sound Design pages to find my complete portfolio.


Creative Programming

In the past few years, I have become interested in creating interactive audio-visual compositions using code. I use software and hardware platforms such as Unity3D, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Google Cardboard, MaxMSP/Jitter C#, and Pure Data for Procedural Audio. Below you can find a summary of my projects.

Procedural-Interactive Granular Synthesis in Virtual Reality using HTC VIVE, Unity3D and Pure Data. This research project was created together with Robert Thomas, who presented it at the V&A during the “Opera: Passion, Power and Politics”


Google Cardboard-Immersive audio-visual experience for web and mobile VR. 3D Graphics, Sound Design and Mix by Franky Redente. Music by Franky Redente and Cristian Duka

Procedural FM Synthesis in VR – Interactive FM Synthesiser in Virtual reality, using a Leapmotion and the Oculus Rift HMD.  This project explores procedural audio techniques and real-time sound synthesis via user interaction.

Leapmotion + Unity3D + Oculus Rift – Interactive Spatial Audio in Virtual Reality with Unity3D, Oculus Rift and Leapmotion.

Interactive -Web FM Synthesis using PureData and Enzien Audio.

GEM SOUND OBJECTS – Audio-visual interactive musical instrument designed and created in Pure Data using the GEM library (Graphics Environment for Multimedia), sound synthesis and user interaction via midi controls changes (CC).

OJECT SONORES  – A research project in Virtual Reality and Binaural Audio.  Users are immersed in a 3D-computer generated, interactive environment to investigate how we relate to the gestural control of sound objects in immersive 3D environments.  To provide a primary source of research to understand the technology, its limitations, and how it might be used within different fields of the audio industry.



I have been lecturing Audio and Electronic Music Production at the SAE Institute in London for the past nine years. Below you can find my research and educational work on live electronic music and performance,  audio engineering, procedural audio, programming, user interaction, software development and virtual reality.


Objet Sonores : Facilitating User interaction in an Immersive Environment


Gem Sound Objects – Audio Visual Instrument – PureData



An analysis on the process of creating Live Electronic Music

User interaction in an immersive environment.



A series of Electronic Music Live events, showcasing SAE London’s Emerging Electronic Music Producers Live.


Studio life