Creative Programming

I create interactive audio-visual compositions using software and hardware platforms such as Unity3D, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Google Cardboard, MaxMSP/Jitter C#, and Pure Data for Procedural Audio. Below you can find a summary of my projects.

Audio/Visual reactive Max For live device: This patch is based on Andrew Benson SoundLump code

Procedural-Interactive Granular Synthesis in Virtual Reality using HTC VIVE, Unity3D and Pure Data: This research project was created together with Robert Thomas, who presented it at the V&A during the “Opera: Passion, Power and Politics”

Google Cardboard-Immersive audio-visual experience for web and mobile VR: 3D Graphics, Sound Design and Mix by Franky Redente. Music by Franky Redente and Cristian Duka

Procedural FM Synthesis in VR – Interactive FM Synthesiser in Virtual reality:  This project explores procedural audio techniques and real-time sound synthesis via user interaction using a Leapmotion and the Oculus Rift.

Interactive Spatial Audio in Virtual Reality: Leapmotion, Unity3D,  Oculus Rift.

Interactive Web FM Synthesis using PureData and Enzien Audio.

GEM SOUND OBJECTS: Audio-visual interactive musical instrument designed and created in Pure Data using the GEM library (Graphics Environment for Multimedia), sound synthesis and user interaction via midi controls changes (CC).

OJECT SONORES: Reseach project on how we relate to the gestural control of sound objects in Virtual Reality with Binaural Audio.