Sound Design

On this page, you can find all my Sound Design work as Franky Redente and F.ich. Moreover,  for the past few years, I have been assisting Adaptive Music Composer Robert Thomas on creating interactive music software systems that can be embedded into various media platforms such as mobile applications, websites, art installations and more.

Strange Loops, The Eternal Golden Braid at the Barbican: AI, interactive performance composed by Robert Thomas with the London Contemporary Orchestra. Sound Engineering and Additional Sound Design by Franky Redente

Fantom x Mezzanine with Massive Attack: Sensory remixing experience for iPhone. Personal remix production by Robert Thomas and Franky Redente.

Elements, Google Pixel2 at Selfridges, with TEM: A personalised adaptive soundtrack for an interactive installation. Additional music by Franky Redente.

Pixel Records Sci Fi Supermall – Boiler Room x Google Pixel 2: Event soundtrack composed of AI systems and Wavenet style transfer processes. Additional music production and sound design  by Franky Redente

Holidays 2017: Procedural Audio Visual Interactive Web Experience, using Pure Data, P5js and Enzien Audio. Procedural Audio Sound Design by Robert Thomas and Franky Redente, graphics by Matt Nish‑Lapidus.

F . ICH & DVKA – Livescaping: A series of improvised music performances inspired by natural surroundings. Recorded and filmed in one take to capture emotions and mental states as they manifest in the moment. Music by Franky Redente and Christian Duka, mastering by Christian Duka, video by Franky Redente

Blender Institute Sintel: Sound Design by Franky Redente