Audio Production

Below you can find a summary of my most recent work. Visit the Music Productions and Sound Design pages to find my complete portfolio.

Strange Loops, The Eternal Golden Braid at the Barbican: AI, interactive performance composed by Robert Thomas with the London Contemporary Orchestra. Sound Engineering and Additional Sound Design by Franky Redente

Fantom x Mezzanine with Massive Attack: Sensory remixing experience for iPhone. Personal remix production by Robert Thomas and Franky Redente

Elements, Google Pixel2 at Selfridges, with TEM: A personalised adaptive soundtrack for an interactive installation. Additional music by Franky Redente

Pixel Records Sci Fi Supermall – Boiler Room x Google Pixel 2: Event soundtrack composed of AI systems and Wavenet style transfer processes. Additional music production and sound design  by Franky Redente

Holidays 2017: A Procedural Audio Visual Interactive Web Experience. Procedural Audio Sound Design by Robert Thomas and Franky Redente

Solo and collaborative music productions work as Franky Redente, F.ich, White Jams and Photo51.